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Irrigation Services

Every successful landscape is the product of a well-functioning irrigation system. Our experienced team of irrigation engineers collectively have more than 30 years of experience in the region and uses the latest technology to install innovative irrigation systems that serve our clients effectively and efficiently.

Our range of irrigation design scale is there to meet the need of our clients: from small scale villa irrigation systems to large scale irrigation systems. As part of sustainability and continuous improvement initiatives we conduct irrigation system audits to cater for the demands of the client and advise on the industry’s best management practices.

We offer a variety of irrigation systems which include: drip, bubbler, sprayer and sprinkler systems ranging from conventional systems to high-end centrally controlled systems with weather based applications. We also offer more specialized irrigation systems: sub-surface, big gun, hose reel, golf course, green house and green walls; as well as highly specialized irrigation pumping stations with a wide range of capacities from residential villas to large-scale pumping stations with a capacity of 5-1500m3/hr.

We have completed several iconic irrigation projects of different magnitude with clientele including Government, Semi-Government, Property Developers, Palaces, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Hotels & Resorts, Sports Fields and Villas.